About Troy Carlson

Hello. My name is Troy Carlson. This is my site. It's a bit chaotic, but there's a reason for that. Here's a list of my interests:

Perhaps you see my problem.

You know what the perfect site for me really is, honestly? Not a nice, organized blog such as we see these days, but a nasty, insane early 2000's blog, à la Blogger. Complete with a tag cloud, blogroll and blinking gifs. That's the way the inside of my head looks. I know how that sounds.

But, let's be honest, no one wants that. Honestly, I don't really want that either (though I'm half tempted to try and build a site like that anyway, just to be obnoxious.) And I can already embarass myself 140 characters at a time (oh wait. 280 characters now. pardon me.) so...blogs. Bleh

I'm also a featured guest on the monthly podcast, Good Beer Bad Movie Night. There, we watch awful B-movies and drink delicious beer and discuss both. Some people even enjoy it.